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Customs Extinguishes FIRE for the Championship!
All who witnessed the championship match of the Government Football League on September 13th were certainly not disappointed.

The Stage was set: Fire had been eagerly awaiting their next victim with more than 7 days rest; it has been more than 3 years since FIRE has been on top after what seems like a decade of supremacy. Customs had just gone through the most gut-wrenching, nail-biting series of elimination games they had ever experienced, with 2 straight games decided by penalty shootouts. This was the 4th straight finals appearance for customs and the title had eluded them the past 3 years.
Were they going to be able to get the monkey off their backs or would they become the Buffalo Bills of Government Football?
This game had all the ingredients for something special: action, intensity, talent and even family drama with Bernie Bush going head to head with his daughter Shakeina.

From the kickoff Customs was on the offensive; charging their way through the Fire defense at will (not an easy task considering the likes of John Kelly and company). CUSTOMS fans erupted after forward Thiago Cunha was taken down in the 18-yard box for a penalty kick in the 5th minute of play; Customs would call on the man with the secret code for beating
goalkeepers: Miguel Pitta - Customs' goalkeeper himself. Pitta would not disappoint as he rocketed the ball into the back of the net.

It was the quickest anyone had ever scored on the finals favourites, but what would come next was even more surprising; only 3 minutes later Don Parsons would launch a missile 10 feet outside the 18 yard box and hit the crossbar, then out of nowhere came the Brazilian Cunha to calmly tuck the ball past the already defeated keeper to put Customs ahead 2-0 in the first 10 minutes of play! FIRE fans had a dazed look on their faces, trying to comprehend what exactly they had seen.

FIRE seemed to settle down and began moving the ball as they normally do, maintaining at least 60% possession for the remainder of the first
half; their patience would be rewarded as Dionne Brandon, Arden "cheeky" Rivers and Henry Ebanks put together a beautiful sequence that led to Rivers placing the ball between the keeper's legs and into the back of the net. A glimmer of hope was now restored in the hearts of Fire fans.

As the second half progressed, once again FIRE had the majority of possession; trying attack after attack but coming up short every time. Customs then decided to add some speed to their attack by subbing in Paul Mcfield for Cunha; Coach Leonard Powery's strategy would prove to be a smart one as Mcfield beautifully placed a difficult shot past the outstretched arms of FIRE's keeper from just inside the 18 yard box. Mcfield's shot was like that of a puppet master who pulled the strings of the ball in mid-air, causing it to change course.

The screams of joy that erupted from CUSTOMS fans nearly brought the stands to their breaking points! Customs had now regained the cushion they needed to smile again; but FIRE was now at the point of desperation; It was all hands on deck as FIRE sent all of their artillery at the customs defense; but Antonio Thompson and company would not see the crown slip through their hands again; in the dying minutes of the game Gregory Ebanks put the nail in the coffin by scoring a rocket from a very narrow angle in FIRE territory; one can say the goal was of "elite" status.

Customs Manager Jeff Jackson said "the team has dedicated this win to the late Mrs. Mary Jane Solomon, who passed away last week and is the mother of Customs colleagues Windell and George Solomon".

CUSTOMS have finally claimed their place at the top of Government Football League and earned their bragging rights until next year;

FIRE played well but the night belonged to Customs
Posted by Collin Anglin, Created Mon Sep 14, 2009, Updated Mon Sep 14, 2009

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