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CUSTOMS SHOCK DEH! Advance to 4th straight finals! More News

The Department of Environmental Health must be in shock today after suffering an agonizing defeat at the hands of Customs on September 9th. During warm-ups one could hear a pin drop inside the Customs camp; no Antonio Thompson, no Greg Ebanks, no Shakeina Bush, no Thiago Cunha. It was obvious that the Customs team was nervous, not having 4 of their starting stars present a the most important game for them this season. To make matters worse, Customs had to play with 10 persons because they were short of one female and according to the rules, a maximum of 9 players are aloud on the field per team.

Things in the DEH camp were much less tense, clearly noticing the absence of some of their rivals; they seemed to brim with confidence as though they knew this game was “in the bag” Garfield Ellison and Sheron Grant seemed destined to lead their team to a finals appearance.

As the game progressed DEH was unable to put the ball in the back of the net, much credit to the “wonderboy” goalkeeping of Miguel Pitta, and despite several quality opportunities, DEH found themselves still tied with Customs well into the 2nd half. As time progressed, fans could see the morale of Customs increasing and DEH’s was decreasing; it was now apparent to Customs that they still had a shot at this game. Right before overtime, Gregory Ebanks – fresh off the airplane – sprinted into the game with all but his suitcase in hand to come to his team’s rescue.

Despite two overtime periods neither team was able to find the back of the net and once again Customs found themselves in a penalty shootout. In their previous shootout with CIMA, Customs was only able to convert 1 of their first 5 penalty kicks but this time the stars would align in their favor. DEH won the coin toss and elected for Customs to kick first, but that seemed to work against them; All 5 shooters for Customs converted their penalty kicks and the stands erupted with celebration as Customs have made it to the finals for a fourth consecutive year!

CUSTOMS will take on arch rivals FIRE in what people are already describing as “the most anticipated showdown of 2009”. The showdown takes place at the Annex football Field at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday September 13th.
Posted by Collin Anglin, Created Thu Sep 10, 2009

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