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Customs Extinguishes FIRE for the Championship!
All who witnessed the championship match of the Government Football League on September 13th were certainly not disappointed.

The Stage was set: Fire had been eagerly awaiting their next victim with more than 7 days rest; it has been more than 3 years since FIRE has been on top after what seems like a decade of supremacy. Customs had just gone through the most gut-wrenching, nail-biting series of elimination games they had ever experienced, with 2 straight games decided by penalty shootouts. This was the 4th straight finals appearance for customs and the title had eluded them the past 3 years.
Were they going to be able to get the monkey off their backs or would they become the Buffalo Bills of Government Football?
This game had all the ingredients for something special: action, intensity, talent and even family drama with Bernie Bush going head to head with his daughter Shakeina.

From the kickoff Customs was on the offensive; charging their way through the Fire defense at will (not an easy task considering the likes of John Kelly and company). CUSTOMS fans erupted after forward Thiago Cunha was taken down in the 18-yard box for a penalty kick in the 5th minute of play; Customs would call on the man with the secret code for beating
goalkeepers: Miguel Pitta - Customs' goalkeeper himself. Pitta would not disappoint as he rocketed the ball into the back of the net.

It was the quickest anyone had ever scored on the finals favourites, but what would come next was even more surprising; only 3 minutes later Don Parsons would launch a missile 10 feet outside the 18 yard box and hit the crossbar, then out of nowhere came the Brazilian Cunha to calmly tuck the ball past the already defeated keeper to put Customs ahead 2-0 in the first 10 minutes of play! FIRE fans had a dazed look on their faces, trying to comprehend what exactly they had seen.

FIRE seemed to settle down and began moving the ball as they normally do, maintaining at least 60% possession for the remainder of the first
half; their patience would be rewarded as Dionne Brandon, Arden "cheeky" Rivers and Henry Ebanks put together a beautiful sequence that led to Rivers placing the ball between the keeper's legs and into the back of the net. A glimmer of hope was now restored in the hearts of Fire fans.

As the second half progressed, once again FIRE had the majority of possession; trying attack after attack but coming up short every time. Customs then decided to add some speed to their attack by subbing in Paul Mcfield for Cunha; Coach Leonard Powery's strategy would prove to be a smart one as Mcfield beautifully placed a difficult shot past the outstretched arms of FIRE's keeper from just inside the 18 yard box. Mcfield's shot was like that of a puppet master who pulled the strings of the ball in mid-air, causing it to change course.

The screams of joy that erupted from CUSTOMS fans nearly brought the stands to their breaking points! Customs had now regained the cushion they needed to smile again; but FIRE was now at the point of desperation; It was all hands on deck as FIRE sent all of their artillery at the customs defense; but Antonio Thompson and company would not see the crown slip through their hands again; in the dying minutes of the game Gregory Ebanks put the nail in the coffin by scoring a rocket from a very narrow angle in FIRE territory; one can say the goal was of "elite" status.

Customs Manager Jeff Jackson said "the team has dedicated this win to the late Mrs. Mary Jane Solomon, who passed away last week and is the mother of Customs colleagues Windell and George Solomon".

CUSTOMS have finally claimed their place at the top of Government Football League and earned their bragging rights until next year;

FIRE played well but the night belonged to Customs
Posted by Collin Anglin, Created Mon Sep 14, 2009, Updated Mon Sep 14, 2009

CUSTOMS SHOCK DEH! Advance to 4th straight finals!
The Department of Environmental Health must be in shock today after suffering an agonizing defeat at the hands of Customs on September 9th. During warm-ups one could hear a pin drop inside the Customs camp; no Antonio Thompson, no Greg Ebanks, no Shakeina Bush, no Thiago Cunha. It was obvious that the Customs team was nervous, not having 4 of their starting stars present a the most important game for them this season. To make matters worse, Customs had to play with 10 persons because they were short of one female and according to the rules, a maximum of 9 players are aloud on the field per team.

Things in the DEH camp were much less tense, clearly noticing the absence of some of their rivals; they seemed to brim with confidence as though they knew this game was “in the bag” Garfield Ellison and Sheron Grant seemed destined to lead their team to a finals appearance.

As the game progressed DEH was unable to put the ball in the back of the net, much credit to the “wonderboy” goalkeeping of Miguel Pitta, and despite several quality opportunities, DEH found themselves still tied with Customs well into the 2nd half. As time progressed, fans could see the morale of Customs increasing and DEH’s was decreasing; it was now apparent to Customs that they still had a shot at this game. Right before overtime, Gregory Ebanks – fresh off the airplane – sprinted into the game with all but his suitcase in hand to come to his team’s rescue.

Despite two overtime periods neither team was able to find the back of the net and once again Customs found themselves in a penalty shootout. In their previous shootout with CIMA, Customs was only able to convert 1 of their first 5 penalty kicks but this time the stars would align in their favor. DEH won the coin toss and elected for Customs to kick first, but that seemed to work against them; All 5 shooters for Customs converted their penalty kicks and the stands erupted with celebration as Customs have made it to the finals for a fourth consecutive year!

CUSTOMS will take on arch rivals FIRE in what people are already describing as “the most anticipated showdown of 2009”. The showdown takes place at the Annex football Field at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday September 13th.
Posted by Collin Anglin, Created Thu Sep 10, 2009

Rain delays DEH and CUSTOMS
The much anticipated semi-final showdown of DEH and Customs will unfortunately have to wait until Wednesday evening due to mother nature. A major downpoor of rain accompanied by lightning and thunder was too much to allow the syked players to march towards their destiny.

The games are tentatively rescheduled to Wednesday September 9th at 6:30 p.m. and the Final match has been moved to Sunday September 13th.
Posted by Collin Anglin, Created Sun Sep 6, 2009

Clash of the Titans! Customs Overcomes CIMA!
The Government Football League saw what was possibly the most exciting game of the season thus far when 3rd ranked Customs took on 4th ranked CIMA; in their previous meeting CIMA handed Customs a 5-1 beating; but since then Customs has been able to figure out when went wrong and what they needed to do to win this time;

Neither team was willing to concede a goal during the first 70 minutes of play. Customs has most of the opportunities including a shot from Royce Ebanks that hit the crossbar, but no one could fine the back of the net. In the second overtime period CIMA’s hopes erupted after Ariel Tatum’s rocket from outside of the 18 yard box. It seemed as though all hope was lost for Customs until 2 minutes later when Stafford Milwood drew CIMA’s keeper out of the box and passed it to Thiago Cunha who gracefully chipped the ball over the scrambling CIMA defense into the back of the net. In just two minutes Customs’ championship hopes had been reborn.

The game ended up in a penalty shootout and the Goal Keepers, Miguel Pitta and the notorious “pepe” of CIMA saved 8 of the 10 penalty kicks. Only Shakena Bush and Ariel Tatum were able to beat the keepers. It wasn’t until sudden death when Greg Ebanks scored his clutch penalty that Customs could finally rejoice;

It was truly a game to remember; CUSTOMS will now face DEH this Sunday at 5:30 pm at the Annex football Field.
Posted by Collin Anglin, Created Thu Sep 3, 2009

FIRE Advances to Finals; DEH Cleanup RCIP!
Last night's games saw teams hanging on for dear life! There was no denying the importance of these games, for in the past you could live to fight another day, but this time it was win or go home! The 1st seeded FIRE team put a first degree burn on HM Prison, but it was no walk in the park to do so. Cohen Daley seemed to be the only one capable of piercing the FIERY defense, but in the end a goal from Dion Brandon and 2 from notorious forward Henry Ebanks would seal a place in the championship match as FIRE look to reclaim their crown.

The second game was no less intense, and the 2nd seeded Department of Environmental Health showed that they belong. Neither team seemed to be willing to sacrifice a weaker defense for a stronger offensive attack, but a goal from Richard Powell allowed DEH players and fans to breathe a huge sigh of relief. The defending champions RCIP have now officially been dethroned and DEH will play the winner of CIMA and Customs on wednesday night September 2nd at 6:30 for a chance to play against FIRE for the Title.
Posted by Collin Anglin, Created Mon Aug 31, 2009

Defending Champs hand Fire their first loss!
The RCIP seem to be intent on keeping their Royal winning streak intact! On Wednesday night the epic battle of the two powerhouses - FIRE and RCIP - took place. Both teams were on edge and were eager to draw first blood, but the first half would see no goals scored as "defense" seemed to be the strategic priority.
But in the 2nd half the RCIP broke the door open twice in the 50th and 59th minute of play thanks to Stanton Clarke and Jarde Ebanks. Although Henry Ebanks would capitalize on a penalty kick in the 65th minute, the RCIP would define the meaning of "security" for the rest of the game.

Final Score 2-1 in favor of the Defending Champs RCIP
Posted by Collin Anglin, Created Fri Aug 14, 2009

Customs suffers CIMA's Wrath
The 2009 Government Football League has had a bit of a bumpy start for the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority; but we all know its not just about how you start, but how you finish.

CIMA posted their most impressive victory of the tournament thus far by staging an onslaught of 5 goals this past Sunday; In the first half Lee Ramoon put CIMA up by 1, but in the second half CIMA's offense seemed to find the formula for the CUSTOMS defense and poured in 4 goals from Winston Hurlston, Sherwin Bouville and 2 from Todd Arnold. Kerrylyn Ebanks was the sole scoring contributor for CUSTOMS but she saved her team the shame of a shutout.

In game 2: DEH defeated HM Prison 3-1. DEH's Armando Range calmly put away a penalty kick in the 17th minute and Maribel Dadal added the second in the 44th. HMP's Cohen Daley revived his team's hopes by scoring in the 55th minute on a penalty kick. But Mark Smith of DEH crushed that hope with a third goal in the 66th minute of play.

Action continues at the Annex field on Wednesday as FIRE take on the RCIP in a much anticipated showdown.
Posted by Collin Anglin, Created Mon Aug 10, 2009

DEH registers first Win; FIRE still unbeaten!
On Sunday August 2nd the Department of Environmental Health seemed to regain form when they defeated the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority. Both teams started off aggressively and DEH's Richard Powell put his team ahead in the 13th minute. This was soon followed by teammate Kevin English in the 20th minute of play. CIMA's Ariel Tatum rekindled his team's hopes by scoring in the 25th minute but neither team would score after that.

FIRE took on CUSTOMS in a much anticipated grudge match; Customs were missing a few key players but team FIRE showed no mercy; a pair of goals from Dion Brandon and Larry Seymour gave FIRE the cushion they needed and from there they simply locked down their defense; the score ended 2-0.
Posted by Collin Anglin, Created Mon Aug 3, 2009

Customs edges past HM Prison
Action continues to heat up in this year’s Government Football League organized by the Department of Sports.
The defending champions RCIP have started off on the right foot by laying down the law on Environmental Health 3-0; FIRE, who have vowed their return to the champions seat, edged past CIMA 1-0 and in last night’s action Customs showed Prison why they call themselves the enforcers; Steven Hansen put HM Prison ahead in the 23rd minute of play; this lead was short-lived as Rico Bodden came up with the equalizer 8 minutes later leaving the score tied at the half. But Rico Bodden once again came through for the enforcers in the 55th minute of play to put last year’s runner up ahead. After that, the Enforcers would lock down their defense and prevent HM Prison from equalizing.

This Sunday, August 2nd , CIMA take on DEH at 5:30 and then CUSTOMS take on FIRE at 7:00 p.m. at the TE McField Annex Football Field.
Come out and support your favorite team and see who will walk away victorious.
Posted by Collin Anglin, Created Thu Jul 30, 2009

Download League Schedule Here
Even though the schedule is available on this site: You can download the entire schedule right here! Download Government Football League 2009.xls
Posted by Collin Anglin, Created Wed Jul 22, 2009

Government Football League Begins Sunday 26th July
The moment many civil servants have waited for is finally here! Not only has the annual Government Football League been highly anticipated, but the venue of the league has finally returned home to the Annex Football Field: This year's competition will see 6 teams: RCIP, Customs, CIMA, DEH, HM Prison and FIRE all battling for bragging rights and football supremacy. The question is this: Can the RCIP defend their title? Can Customs get to the finals for a 4th straight time? Or are we going to see another changing of the guard from an underdog team? Only time will tell!
Posted by Collin Anglin, Created Wed Jul 22, 2009, Updated Wed Jul 22, 2009

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